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Seller Advice from the Experts

What is Dual Agency?

When a buyer is represented by the same brokerage firm that has the listing, it is called dual agency. When one agent represents both the buyer and the seller in a real estate transaction.

Listing Agent vs. Buyer Agent: Who Works for You?

It may seem perfectly logical to call the agent on the yard sign while driving around your dream neighborhood searching for your next house.

6 Creative Open House Ideas To Sell Your Home Fast

It’s easy to see the value of an open house—a designated time for prospective REALTORS® and buyers to scope out your home while on a Sunday spree of house tours.

Buyer Agents: Working for You Free of Charge

Home buyers should always have their own agent. Buyer agents work to negotiate the best terms and price for the buyer.

What Exactly is a REALTOR®?

A REALTOR® is a licensed real estate salesperson who also belongs to the National Association of REALTORS®, the largest trade group in the country.

The Real Estate Commission Explained

The real estate commission is the agent’s fee for service. It is a percent of the sale price negotiated at the time of the listing.

Why You Should Use a REALTOR®

For most people, buying a home is the largest financial investment they will ever make.

5 Tips to Reach Millennial Home Buyers

Millennials may seem like a hard sell. Statistics say this generation is ditching the cars and the house in the suburbs for a bike and a rented loft.

5 Steps You Can’t Skip During Escrow

The escrow process, which is also known as closing or settlement, is the endgame of the home-buying process.

Why You Might Need Professional Photos to Sell Your Home

Looking to sell your home quick? The photos you post online might make the difference, so using a professional photographer to help you sell your home is a must.